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Most people in my world now know that I'm selling on eBay. One of my friends has already "suggested" that "maybe" I could list a printer she didn't want.  "Oh, just throw it up for me. It won't take much time, right?"  WRONG!

Part of this phenomenon is my fault; I admit. I was so excited when I started selling on eBay, that I offered to sell one thing, one time. That's a lie. I don't know how many times I offered. But the offer was good for that day, at that time! I guess friends and family think offers never expire when they come from friends or family. That's my fault. I've decided that I will list the first thing for each person that asks, then they should get an eBay account of their own.  I will help them with that, gladly.

So I'm listing a first edition book, The Wayward Bus -John Steinbeck, 1947, for my mother, along with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans. (Links will be here when they go live.) I know, that's two item, but she's my mom.  I'll list anything she wants to sell. I'm also listing a brand new printer for a friend. Nothing has been said about my cut of the sale of the printer. She probably doesn't know that it costs to sell on eBay. I will discuss this with her before the listing goes live. No point in letting resentments get in the way of friendship, right?

I was listing a Kawasaki air filter for my husband, but needed to take pictures, so I saved it until today. Today, I tried to find the draft listing, and it is not there!  Great. It took me a half hour to complete the listing, less the pictures, and now, I'll have an hour in on a $10 listing, because I'll have to repeat everything. My time is becoming less valuable by the minute. This brings me to my next pondering. Is it even worth my time to list a $10 item?

In exploring whether something is going to make a profit on eBay, I must consider (among other things) time, cost, value, popularity, and shipping. I will offer my newly-growing wisdom on the next eBay page.

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