Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge (A)

From what I gather (since I did not read the original post) the A to Z Blogging Challenge started on April 1st and goes until April 26th. On each day blog at least 100 words representing one letter per day. Write about something to do with A on the 1st day, B on the 2nd, C on the 3rd . . . , and Z on the 26th. If I'm wrong, could someone let me know, please?

Anyway, I decided to make a theme out my contribution to this experience. I will choose another writer's blog|Google Community that covers the letter theme for that day.  For example:

A is for Academic Writing Resource.
As of today, this site has 134 members. It is a public community whose subtitle reads, "Academic research and writing help by our expert writers." The physical location of the moderator(s) is/are the United Kingdom. The description for this blog is, "Get your custom paper writing done by our expert writers on any topic such as Thesis, Dissertation, Essay, Assignment, Coursework, Research paper, Term paper and Case studies." Eh, are those the topics or the styles?

While there are plenty of writing services offered, there are also tips as in the this post: "Step by Step Guidelines to Write Premium Quality Essay Papers | Education."
Is this cheating? What do you think?  Should people write their own Theses?

Next Post: B is for My Name Is Not Bob.

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