Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I cannot walk or run or fall into a foreign place.
There is no where you are not there,
No action is outside your grace.
When all who dare to hope despair,
I'll lift my eyes to see,
There's nothing I cannot do,
with your gift of faith to me.

Faith is without a friend or foe,
Nor a likeness on this earth.
Faith is a powerful force of old,
And nothing compares to its worth.
Without faith life was barren and hard,
The cause I did not know.
When you came to me, you set me free,
And allowed my faith to grow.
It quickly became apparent to me,
It was faith the substance I lacked.
I was blind before you allowed me to see,
my past pessimism I now retract.

Oh God, my God how sad to see,
My friends and loved ones who are not free.
If I do not say one thing,
Can they see in me the faith you can bring?
You love them like you love me too
I am not special in that way to you.
If I can be free and happy this way
I pray they too will find you some day

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