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What should I blog about? How often should I blog?

Age-old questions writers ask themselves include these and others. Will anyone read this? Is my writing interesting? Should I be comical or serious? Are my characters realistic and believable? Will anyone relate to this story? Does this even make sense?

My husband, the realistically-grounded one, told me, "don't worry so much, it probably won't be read by the public". He was honestly trying to be supportive. I'm sure he doesn't know he just zoned in on one of my, "no one wants to hear what you have to say" fears. I'm sure my husband was simply telling me to relax, have fun and write like no one will read it, right?

It had been a couple days since I wrote anything here, so I was getting those thoughts: "Are you serious about this blog? You should probably write something today."  This is good.  If I'm being egged on by my thoughts, then this blog is important to me. Hooray!

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