Wednesday, April 2, 2014

True Friends

A true friend is always around, even when you can't see them.
You may not talk to them every day, but it is not necessary.
You may only see each other on special days, but that is not necessary either.
Friends do not place rules or expectations on relationships.
Friends simply want it to be known that they are available, willing, and partial to you.
A friend is someone who can know all and keep it secret.
A true friend views you on a pedestal even when they know all your faults.
Friends can be hurt and forgive. 
There is no grudges, no pretending, and no gossiping because friends see no need.
Friends build you up. 
They truly care enough to not let you hurt yourself or others.

If you have true friends of this description, you are truly blessed.  Send this to all your friends and those that you want to befriend. 

It starts with you.  Be this type of friend, and you will have this type of friend.

            (o o)
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