Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge (D)

This is part of the A to Z Blog Challenge.  Look at the "A" post on April 2 for further explanation.

D is for Don't pet me, I'm writing

Today, this blog has 1016 followers.  I chose to feature this blog largely on its title. It evokes visual images which is a skill, as a reader, I look for in an author. Once I got past the title and bit into the meat of the blog, I found it juicy, but tender, and full of quirky humor. Entertainment aside, there are gleaming nuggets of golden wisdom for writers of all levels of experience. 

As I reread the last paragraph, it sounds as if I'm describing a delicious steak being eaten in a deep, dark gold mine.  Oh, well, I'm tired, and the grand-babies just arrived.  I'll finish this up so I can bounce the 7-month-old and chase the 3-year-old.

The moderator of Don't pet me, I'm writing is Tawna Fenske. Ms. Fenske states she is "an author of quirky romantic comedies".  Her newest book and the third installment in a series will be released early May 2014.  The first post on the blog, during my visit, was about entering a drawing for an ARC (author review copy) of her new book. Just agree to leave a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble to be entered in the drawing.  If the book is as entertaining as the blog, I will certainly enjoy it.  I recommend this blog for some light reading, because I left no longer weighed down but with my spirits lifted.

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