Thursday, April 3, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge (C)

This is part of the A to Z Blog Challenge.  Look at the "A" post on April 2 for further explanation.

C is for The Crime Writers' Chronicle This blog currently has 43 members. This was surprising to me, because this is a professional looking site with contributing, published authors. I may come out of this "A to Z Blog Challenge" experience with a different opinion on what makes a successful blog.

The Crime Writers' Chronicle blog has regular contributing authors that have been published. The site is a conglomeration of resources, advice, education and plain entertainment.  They use guest writers that depart their wisdom to those of us that aspire to their accomplishments. The links  are enlightening as well as resourceful and will be a staple in my writing future. If your genre is not fiction and/or mystery, no worry, because the mechanics of writing and researching a subject are discussed in detail. 

To join, a reader can use their Google account information.

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